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Are SIPs worth it?
  • SIP panels may require a larger initial investment vs traditional “stick” framing.
  • More thought is required prior to construction as structural insulated panels are pre-made in a factory setting. Electrical boxes and conduit are installed in our wall systems, along with door and window openings.
  • The initial investment in SIP panels is recouped quickly due to superior energy efficiency. Most customer see a return on investment in around 4 years.
  • This investment in effeciency is in a non-mechanical system. In other words, the lifespan of the panels is much longer than a high-effeciency HVAC, solar panels or other alternative energy sources. There’s no additional maintenance costs incurred over time unlike mechanical systems.
  • SIP panels create a 2-3 times stronger wall than standard “stick” frame construction.
  • SIP walls are assembled quickly on site due to pre-construction at the factory.

Video Transcript: Are SIPs worth it?

So, are SIPs worth it? Are they worth the extra investment?  

Hi, I’m Rob Clutter with Eco-Panels of Tennessee. So, a SIP home is a home that’s created using structural insulated panels. And when you’re deciding whether to build a home or not there are obviously lots of different choices, and this is one of them. 

Then you’re going to have to ask yourself eventually, “Well if this might cost a little more, or maybe is it more of a hassle to do?” Let’s talk about that for a minute.

First, does a SIP panel cost more than traditional stick framing?  Yes, it does but here’s why.

With a SIP panel home; instead of just buying 2x4s, and buying plywood to go on the outside, and buying Tyvek, and buying these other things, you’re achieving all of these things in one step. One panel gives you the inside surface of your wall ready to cover with sheetrock, the insulation for your wall, and the outside sheathing of your wall ready for your exterior siding.

In addition most SIP panels will already have the electrical inside the wall, or chases already done, and ease of assembly greatly speeds up the construction process, and half of the cost of building a new home is labor, so you’re saving labor time in the end.

You may find that the actual cost of building with SIP panels versus conventional framing may not be that much.

In addition there’s a couple of other areas where you can save money with a properly constructed SIP panel home. You can probably size your heating and air system at a much smaller ton per square foot than in a conventionally built home. A smaller unit cost less money. The real savings is long-term.

With a home built with SIP panels, your energy costs savings are significant. Our customers report to us up to 50 percent less than their previous home, sometimes more.

That’s a lot of money for you to put in your pocket. It’s way more fun to spend it on something else than sending it to the utility company.

You can find out more about our SIP panels by visiting our website. It’s ecopanelsoftn.com

We hope that helped!

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