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Experience the difference that SIP panels by Eco-Panels can make for your home, your safety and your budget forever.

What Are Eco-Panels?

Eco-Panels are SIP panels. A SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) is an engineered product used to form structural wall, or roof components in residential or commercial applications and is used in place of conventionally “stick framed” construction. A SIP is generally a structural inner and outer skin with a foam insulation in between that is “fused” together to provide not only the structure of the wall/roof but also provide superior insulating qualities. SIP products have been around for many years and are recognized building code compliant.

That being said, what is an Eco-Panel specifically?
Eco-Panels are a SIP product made in Tennessee at our manufacturing facility in Clay County. At Eco-Panels we go beyond the standard SIP product and create a better system to build a better house.












Industry leading R-26 in 4.5″ panels
and R-40 in 6.5″ panels!

Benefits of Eco-Panel SIP Panels

SIP Panels are Economical

Save money each and every month you own your home with lower utility costs. Imagine saving 50% or more in energy costs! That’s real money you can spend on something way more fun than a utility bill!

Save money on construction of your home by being able to buy a smaller heat and air system for your home. Bigger is not better; right sized and more efficient is the way to go.

Save money on construction of your home with lower labor costs, Eco-Panels are PRE-MADE at our Tennessee Plant and ready to assemble on site!

Less waste. Pre-making your wall systems means you are not paying for a huge pile of scraps and leftovers like you would in conventional stick framed construction.

SIP Panels are Stronger

Our wall system tests stronger than framed construction (2-3 times in compression tests over 2×4 framing) and our patented corner panels are 150% stronger! A stronger house is a safer house, period. (ATSM-E72)

Our foam is non-VOC, emits no CFC, HCFC’s and contains no styrene’s or formaldehydes, because who wants all that in their home?

Our thermoset polyurethane foam does not melt at any temperature providing a Class 1 fire rating. No open-air spaces within your walls provides no oxygen to enhance flames via the “chimney” effect of a conventionally framed wall.

More Sustainable Choice

We use a lot less wood than a framed house with a lot less waste – significantly less. This is just better for our environment and conserves natural resources. (ATSM-E72)

Long term energy savings. This not only saves you money every month but also reduces your homes impact on the environment forever!

Great Option for DIYers

Walls are pre-made and even pre-assembled in our plant, this guarantees a sure fit and a lot less time and stress during assembly. In addition, all panels are numbered to match panel assembly drawings to make assembly easy.

We even load and ship your panels directly to your building site.


The Process of Working with Eco-Panels



Contact us and tell us about your project. We will answer your questions and create a detailed estimate. Then you decide if Eco-Panels are right for you. 


Once you’re ready to start, we will create a detailed SIP wall layout, work with your electrician, and begin manufacturing the panels.


We pre-build your home in our facility to check everything and then ship your panels right to your jobsite. 
After we ship your panels to the building site, we will send one of our team members to make sure your builder knows how to assemble your home. We will continue to provide support on any technical questions, and we provide a lifetime structural warranty on our product. After you move in we hope you will send us some pictures of your home and tell us about your amazingly low heating and cooling costs!

Have a question about using Eco-Panels for your new build?

Reach out to us below and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the entire process.

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