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Be innovative in your field by offering Eco-Panels, providing your clients with a lifetime of benefits.

Start Designing with Eco-Panels

Incorporating Eco-Panels into your plans is easy. There are so many benefits for your clients with this building process that you will be able to stand out among your competition and offer a plan that is unique and innovative. Use our extensive list of reasons why it’s “simply a better way to build” to market yourself and beat the crowd by learning how to incorporate Eco-Panels now.

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Benefits of Eco-Panel SIP Panels

SIP Panels are More Economical

Your customers will save money each and every month they own their home with lower utility costs. Imagine being able to offer a home that would allow them to save 50% or more in energy costs! That’s real money they can spend on something way more fun than a utility bill!

Your customers will save money on construction of their home by being able to buy a smaller heat and air system. Bigger is not better; right sized and more efficient is the way to go.

Your customers will save money on the construction of their home with lower labor costs. Eco-Panels are PRE-MADE at our Tennessee Plant and ready to assemble on site!

Your customers and their builders will experience less waste at the jobsite. Pre-making the wall systems means there won’t be a huge pile of scraps and leftovers like in conventional stick-framed construction.

SIP Panels are Stronger

Our wall system tests stronger than framed construction (2-3 times in compression tests over 2×4 framing) and our patented corner panels are 150% stronger! A stronger house is a safer house, period. (ATSM-E72)

Our foam is non-VOC, emits no CFC, HCFC’s and contains no styrene’s or formaldehydes, because who wants all that in their home?

Our thermoset polyurethane foam does not melt at any temperature providing a Class 1 fire rating. No open-air spaces within your walls provides no oxygen to enhance flames via the “chimney” effect of a conventionally framed wall.

More Sustainable Choice

We use a lot less wood than a framed house with a lot less waste, significantly less. This is just better for our environment and conserves natural resources. 

Long term energy savings. This not only saves your clients money every month, but it also reduces their homes’ impact on the environment forever!

Use the benefits of Eco-Panels to stand out among your competitors and offer your clients a better home.


Eco-Panels vs. Competition

We offer a variety of structural “skins” with our standard being Oriented Strand Board (OSB) interior and Huber ZIP sheathing on the exterior. Ask us about other options available.

Our Patented corner system offers superior strength, straightness, ease of assembly and drastically increases effective insulation capabilities.

Our NO VOC polyurethane foam provides a higher R value per inch than Styrofoam panels (R7 per inch @ 52 degrees).

Unlike most common SIPs made from EPS foam, our foam does not promote flame and does not melt at any temperature.

We use a Cam-Lock system that joins the panels together, this is strong, with over 700 lbs. of force per lock and over 3000 lbs. panel joint.

Huber ZIP sheathing and tape is standard on exterior wall surfaces and provides moisture and air protection in one step eliminating the need for problematic house wraps.

Walls are pre-made and even pre-assembled in our plant, this guarantees a sure fit and a lot less time for assembly at the jobsite.

Electrical outlet boxes and wire chases are pre-installed when panels are manufactured.

All panels are numbered to match panel assembly drawings to make assembly at the jobsite easy.

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