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Lower Your Utility Bills Forever

Along with having the lowest utility bills of all your neighbors, you'll have the safest, strongest, and most advanced built home of them all with Eco-Panel SIPs. Beware the waste of common construction and live smarter, forever.

Why Eco-Panels?


More Economical

Lower utility, building, and labor costs with less waste.

Stronger and Safer

2-3x stronger than conventional framing, no VOCs, and our foam doesn’t melt at any temperature.

More Sustainable

Less wood, long term energy savings, and better for the environment.

Ultra Efficient Homes with a Better Resell Value. 4.5 inch thick panels at R-26, and 6.5 inch at R-40.

Premade at Our Plant and Ready to Assemble on Site

Easier Building Process with Less Waste and Long-Term Savings



What Are Eco-Panels?

Eco-Panels are SIP panels. A SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) is an engineered product used to form structural wall or roof components in residential or commercial applications and is used in place of conventionally “stick framed” construction.

A SIP is generally a structural inner and outer layer with a foam insulation in between that is “fused” together to provide not only the structure of the wall/roof but also provide superior insulating qualities. SIP products have been around for many years and are recognized building code compliant.


That being said, what is an Eco-Panel specifically?

Eco-Panels are the next evolution in SIP panels – they are safer, stronger, and more environmentally-friendly. At Eco-Panels we go beyond the standard SIP product and create a better system to build a better house. Our 4.5″ thick panels provide R-26, and 6.5″ wall and roof panels are R-40.

See How Easy It Can Be to Build Your Dream Home
. . .the Better Way.

How Do I Get Started?

Eco-Panels can be used on almost ANY design or application where a framed wall is specified. Get in contact with us to see if we can help your vision become a reality. 

Step 1

Tell us about your project.

Step 2

We will answer your questions and create a detailed estimate.

Step 3

You decide if Eco-Panels is right for your project.

Simply a Better Way to Build

There’s no denying the fact that building with Eco-Panels is simply better.
You will have the most sustainable, efficient, and safe home in the neighborhood – on top of having the lowest energy bills of all your neighbors.
With all the reasons to choose Eco-Panels, why would you choose anything else? We are here to help make this process an easy one.

Frequently Asked Questions


Eco-Panels have benefits beyond what most SIPs offer. To list a few:

  • Pre-assembled for quality control in our factory
  • Greater energy efficiency (R-Value) in a thinner panel. 4.5″ @ R-26 and 6.5″ @ R-40
  • Patented single piece corners are solid and stronger
  • Our polyfoam is the gold standard in the industry
  • Choice of products provide finished or unfinished exteriors
  • Cam lock joinery
  • No need for an expensive crane


We make and assemble our panels at our Tennessee location but can ship to anywhere in the world. Contact us if you have interest in our product, no matter where you are located. 


Building an Eco-Panels home will only add 1-2% to your upfront costs, but you will see a return on investment within 5 years. You will save money on the construction of your home due to less waste, lower labor costs, and having a smaller heat and air system. Along with that, most customers save 50% or more on energy costs and maintain a higher home value.

We Can Ship Our SIP Panels Anywhere

Eco-Panels are made at our manufacturing facility in Clay County, Tennessee but can be shipped anywhere. Don’t hesitate to contact us no matter your location!


“The panels work great! They go together with ease which makes for an efficient building process. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and innovation of this system.” Roger West

Licensed General Contractor/ Electrician/Plumber, West Construction Company

We love our SIP walls. We had research the benefits of using structural insulated panel walls before building. We noticed a big difference this summer while the home was being constructed it was 10 degrees cooler inside the house even before the windows and doors were in. We appreciate the Eco-Panels of TN team for helping us build our Dream Home. Can’t wait to get it finished so we can move in. Paul and Teresa


“We are very pleased with our Eco-Panels of TN home! The company was helpful all along the way from design to assembly. Our home went up so fast and the installation was easy! Since we have moved in our monthly utility bills are SO much lower, we will continue to love that each month from now on!” James and Jamie


Contact Us

If having an Eco-Panels home sounds like a win to you but you want to know a little more about it, just follow the button below. We'll email you some more information for you to look through, no pressure. If nothing else, you can see some of our clients' beautiful Eco-Panels homes and look through the details. (Might be good to have handy anyway when your neighbor asks why the electric bill in your new home is so low.)
- The Team at Eco-Panels of Tennessee

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