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SIPs Building Kits for Do-It-Yourselfers
Rob Clutter, VP at Eco-Panels of Tennessee, discusses what do-it-yourselfers need to build with a SIP building kit.

      Video Transcript: SIPs Building Kits for Do-It-Yourselfers

        Conventionally framing a house and here’s why: If you see here, we have every panel so let me back up.

        First of all we take your floor plans and we basically divide it up into a puzzle every component of the house is broken down into a panel and then every panel is then produced and numbered so that assembling out at your place where your home is going to be is basically like putting together a puzzle.

        If you can count to 10 chances are you’ve kind of got this so let me show you a few things so you can see that the panel; w62 63 64 and so on are numbered in sequential order.

        They’re all already pre-cut and pre-done here we have a window hole you can see f stands for footer panel, w is for wall panel, h is for header panel and c is for corner panel so we’ve kept that pretty simple for you too.

        That’s one two three four and so on as you go around this house and we end ends at 65 so that would be all the way around this particular house.

        We’re building also to make it easier as well you can see that the electrical boxes we’ve got a light switch here, we’ve got a plug here, this is actually where the tv’s going to be so this is up up high plug for the television.

        We’ve got a plug or two over here those plugs are already in place outlets switches wherever you need them so the thing is, can you do this yourself?

        Well there’s a couple ways we want to help you one is you can request our assembly manual we can send that to you it’s got a lot of detailed information.

        It’s got diagrams and pictures ,which especially like in a manual to help me to figure out how to do things, two we’re going to set your house up here in the shop you can come up here and help us you can actually come up here and put your house together once in the shop and then when we get out to your job site you’re actually building it the second time and three we’re gonna come out and help you put it together we’re not just gonna load it up and drop it off and say hey goodbye good luck we come out to the job site we’re gonna be there to advise and help you to assemble.

        I’ve worked with a lot of customers where it was you know mom and dad and the uncle and a couple of a couple of young kids or families or family had old-fashioned house raising we want to make this simple for you.

        Look housing’s expensive, labor is hard to get labor’s really high, if you’re up to it you can save a lot of money on your home by doing some of the work yourself and Eco-Panels of Tennessee might be a solution for you.

        We would love to hear from you we would love to hear more about your project and we would love to help you build your own home.

        We hope that helped!

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