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How much does a SIP panel home cost?

  • SIP Panel homes do cost more than conventional “stick” framed homes.
  • “Stick” framing is the least energy efficient and weakest method of construction allowed by law (Code) – SIP homes EXCEED the minimum requirements therefore increasing investment.
  • SIP panel homes typically are TWICE as energy efficient, giving owners long term energy savings over the life of the home.
  • SIP panel homes assemble more quickly, this saves labor cost and helps defray initial investment.
  • Long term, SIP panel homes cost significantly LESS than traditional construction.
  • For a more detailed review of how much you home might cost, send us an email with your floor plan and we can prepare an estimate.

    Video Transcript: How much does a SIP panel home cost?

    How much does a SIP panel home cost? It’s a question that I get all the time.

    Hi, I’m Rob Clutter with Eco-Panels of Tennessee. So when you’re talking about a SIP panel home versus a traditional stick-frame, conventional build house, then really the cost difference is going to be in the walls.

    Instead of buying 2×4 studs, and sheathing and insulation, and all the other things it takes to make a wall, you’re doing that in one step with a SIP panel.

    So I get the question all the time,  “Well is that going to cost more?” Yes it is, and here’s why. Because you’re doing all this in one step there are less pieces to the project and it’s manufactured in a plant. A lot of the things are thought out ahead of time and the foam is more expensive than traditional fiberglass insulation.

    It also has twice the insulating capabilities. So the real question is,  “If it’s going to cost me a little more at the beginning, am I going to get my money back and is this a good investment?”

    We think it is and here’s why. Most SIP panel homes offer superior insulation, as well as much less seams and opportunities for air to leak. Most SIP panel manufacturers can tell you, with data to prove it, that their customers achieve significant energy savings, which means more money in your pocket. We typically see a payback from our customers on their initial investment for a SIP panel home in less than four years with greatly reduced energy bills.

    Also you’re going to have a home that’s much stronger and safer for you and your family. So the question is. “Is a SIP panel worth it?” 

    Do your homework. Check out, there’s a lot of information online about SIP panels, and we certainly invite you to ask us any questions that you may have. Our email address is: info@ecopanelsoftn.com

    We hope that helped!

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