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Electrical Boxes & Conduit Embedded in Eco-Panels SIPs.

Unlike most SIPs, Eco-Panels of Tennessee embeds electrical boxes and conduit at our plant during production, that are specific to your home or office’s floor plan. This reduces the on-site skilled labor load on a job, saving time and money.

  • We work with customers, builders and electricians to map out the electrical requirements for the SIP walls.
  • Conduits are installed in our factory to serve as a raceway for wiring.
  • Boxes are also installed in our SIPS for plugs, switches, lights, etc.
  • It’s still possible to add additional plugs and switches on-site, but our method allows us to have it pre-installed in most cases.

Video Transcript: Embedded Electrical Boxes & Conduit in Eco-Panels SIPs

Hey this Rob Clutter with Eco-Panels of Tennessee, here at our manufacturing plant in Hermitage Springs, Tennessee.

We get a lot of questions at home shows and when talking to customers that, in a SIP panel home, since there aren’t any studs or voids in there, how do you do the electrical?

Well that’s a good question and we’ve thought of it too.

Here you can see a roughed in electrical box that would become a switch. Down here you can see one a little lower that might have an outlet in it. What we do is is we take your blueprints and designs, work with you and with your electrician, to make sure that all of these are pre-done at our plant. Not only they pre-done in the wall, but as you can see here there’s a piece of conduit already in the panel that would be chased out to the top of the panel or the bottom of the panel, depending on your preference.

Electrical work, no problem. We can handle it at Eco-Panels of Tennessee.

To find out more, send us an email. The email address is info@ecopanelsoftn.com We’d love to talk to you.

We hope that helped!

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