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Building a High Efficiency Home
Rob Clutter, VP at Eco-Panels of Tennessee, discusses what you need to build a high efficiency home.

      Video Transcript: Build a high efficiency home

        Hi this is Rob with Eco-Panels of Tennessee, and I’m up here at our shop in Hermitage Springs, Tennessee.

        And before I forget, I’d like to invite you to come up here anytime you’d like to.

        We’ll give you the grand tour.

        We’re setting up a house in here today.

        We’ll show you how that goes.

        We’d love to see you, just let us know if you’d like to come for a visit.

        And I just wanted to say that before I forgot.

        So here at Eco-Panels of Tennessee, you know we’re really all about efficiency.

        That’s really bottom line.

        What this whole sip panel thing is.

        Right? it’s about efficiency, and that efficiency is to save you money on utility costs.

        And I’m not talking about just a little, I’m talking about a lot.

        So right here, I’ve got this is a little building that we have out here in our shop, that we set up for display purposes.

        And it’s eight by eight, and it uses our standard four and a half inch thick wall, which looks like this from the side.

        And this wall, believe it or not, four and a half inches thick is rated at r 26.

        That’s twice as much insulation as a two by four framed wall, and it’s really more than twice.

        Because the two by four frame wall has a lot of things called thermal Bridges, which allow heat to pass through your wall.

        So what are we trying to do here, we’re trying to make the most efficient home that we can.

        Look, it’s in the news all the time energy costs.

        Right? Gasoline, heating, oil, electricity rates.

        They’re just going up, and I hope they come down.

        We all hope they come down, but long term 10 years from now, 20 years from now they’re not going to come down.

        They’ll come down a little, but then they’ll be back up.

        We can’t do anything about that.

        I can’t negotiate with the electric company, but what I can do is make my home as efficient as possible, so that I use less energy which saves me money.

        I had a customer I just talked to this week, near here over on the lake, about a 3,500 square foot house.

        Beautiful home, their electric bill last month true $77 bucks.

        Was your electric bill $77 bucks last month on a 3,500 square foot home?

        If not, call us, text us, email us.

        Find out more about how you can save money for the rest of your life, with a more efficient home using Eco-Panels.

        And we look forward to hearing from you.

        We hope that helped!

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